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  • Sr Siobhán

My soul is thirsting for God

'Like the deer that years for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you, my God. My soul is thirsting for God, the God of my life; when can I enter and see the face of God? O send forth, your light and your truth,

let these be my guide.

Let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. And I will come to the altar of God,

the God of my joy.

My redeemer, I will thank you on the harp,

O God, my God.' Psalm 41 (42) 2-3, 42: 3-4

As I sat with a very early morning cup of tea today, I reflected on this psalm as a preparation for prayer. My spirt was drawn into the mystery and life of each word. From the moment of our conception, God has placed this longing for himself deep in our hearts, a longing that continues to unfold at different stages of our lives, if we are sensitive to his voice. He reminds us that nothing other than himself will satisfy this deep yearning that He has placed in our hearts. Today we live in a frenetic world where it is so easy to be distracted from our total immersion in him; however, in his graciousness, God sends forth his light and his truth and calls us back to his holy mountain, to the place where he dwells, a place brimming with his divine life.

When the season of our life is drawing to a close, he once again reminds us that it is he who is calling us into complete union with himself. He asks us not to be afraid, we approach the altar of God where the cup of our joy will overflow. Here we will dwell with him in love, forever. Our hearts and souls will sing out our own song of praise to the living God.


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