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  • Sr Siobhán

Covid 19 Prayer

On this Day of Remembrance for all who have lost their lives to COVID 19 we look to your arms outstretched upon the cross, embracing a world in distress, O God of mercy hear our prayer,

Deliver us from this evil that has stolen your life- giving breath, sapped energy, crushed poor hearts in fear and ripped families apart.

Reach in and comfort all who mourn this day,

all who struggle to rebuild their lives as they live with long covid and bless each one with your new abundant life.

Open the hearts of Governments that vaccines which are your gift to us may be equally shared by all, no vaccines stored away, wasted or sold.

Dispel the myths that block the uptake of these life protecting vaccines so that the ravages of this war may be halted,

Bless all scientist that they may work together within ethical parameters to discover new long-lasting treatments that are available on every continent of the world,

Reach out your hand, O merciful God and hear our prayer.

We give thanks for the many wonderful ways in which people have walked together to support each other throughout the pandemic building up your kingdom on earth,

May the good work that has begun grow for your greater glory, Amen.


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