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  • Sr Siobhán

Celebrating the Feast of Christ the King and Mother Winifrede Tyrell

Reflection for the Feasts of Christ the King and Mother Winifrede Tyrell

‘He will be called the ‘Peacemaker’ and his throne will stand firm forever.’

This antiphon greeted the 1st Psalm of Evening Prayer 1 for the Feast of Christ the King.

As a child the celebration of this great feast offered the senior students at my primary school the opportunity to silently adore the Blessed Sacrament in our parish church on Sunday afternoon. As an eleven-year-old, fifteen minutes felt long, however, my mother welcomed this opportunity to worship Christ the King.

Today, our world cries out to the King of Peace, that his blessings may be poured out across all nations. May the spirit of the gospel ensure that all arms and missiles are laid down and each person is embraced by love.

May the promises made at Cop27 become reality and the suffering borne by the most vulnerable be alleviated.

The education and training offered to Special Needs children and young people by our sisters across the world bears witness to the healing, liberating and empowering love of God.

This is supported by the ministry of sisters who visit the elderly, offer the eucharist to residents of nursing homes and hospital patients or support guests of homeless shelters and day centres.

Catechesis and Faith formation programmes sow seeds of deep relationship with the living God.

Parishioners of St. Vincent’s Parish, Liverpool opens the doors of their church to offer warm hospitality, food, clothes and other services at Vinnies Café and Foodbank.

Elderly ladies gather their small coins to purchase gifts at age UK charity shops so that the work of this outreach service can continue.

Mothers hold the hands of small children as they walk to school…youth are our present and future church and deserve all the love and support we can offer them.

The majestic cathedrals of Christ the King and the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool offer a beacon of hope and light as an ecumenical church continues to be born.

The Irenaeus Project offers prayer and practical support to all who desire fullness of life.

Congregational spirit filled leadership inspires communities to follow in the footsteps of the Sacred Heart, the Immaculate Heart, Fr. Victor Braun and Mother Winifrede Tyrell. As one may we continue to respond to our call to be

‘Joyful co-creators sharing God’s unconditional love in our wounded world.’


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