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  • Sr Siobhán

Advent - Season of Grace

Advent - Hope and Renewal

Today we are invited to begin our journey of deepening faith through Advent. God has walked with us throughout this year and we now wish to deepen our commitment to the living God. It has indeed been a challenging year for the world with much suffering experienced by millions of innocent people. War and rumours of war have abounded; climate change continues to devastate the environment and the ever-increasing cost of living has plunged many into poverty. It is into this world that our creator God wishes to incarnate himself in the realities of our daily lives. He invites us to join with him in prayer for his birth amongst us. A reflection on the daily Mass readings will be offered which may be used for personal reflection, community, or group sharing. If a reflection finds a home in your heart, you may wish to stay with it for a period of days until it has revealed all its riches to you before you proceed to the next reflection. A reflection may evoke a response in your spirit which encourages you to address a social justice issue in your local area or you may wish to write to your local government to bring a matter to their attention. The spirit of the King of Peace will guide your actions, do not hesitate to invoke his guidance.


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