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  • Sr Siobhán

The Roundabout

The Roundabout

A beautiful summer morning dawned, and the sun shone high in the sky as I and my companion set off on a long journey together recently. As we approached a major motorway, the overhead information board flashed up a 40 mile an hour speed restriction. This alerted me to an issue further along the way, asking travellers to slow down and proceed with great caution. I decided to seek out an alternative route and like the poet Robert Frost, I took the one that ‘was grassy and wanted wear’ When I did so bountiful gifts lay in store for us. The frenetic pace of motorway driving gave way to the gentle rolling of the beautiful countryside; birdsong filled the air. Cattle grazed in the fields and the smell of freshly mown hay and summer flowers brought happy childhood memories to my senses. Here, life was lived at a pace more in tune with God’s plan for all creation. Cars were few and far between and all bar one was driven with a respect and courtesy sometimes lacking on major roads. Having left the motorway behind many roundabouts had to be negotiated! One soon led into the next one. At each junction, I had to decide which exit I would choose if we were to arrive at our destination safely. There was little room for error if we were not to go on ‘a wild goose chase’ or be lost in a wilderness forever! This gentler pace of travel offered me an opportunity to reflect on my life journey and how I traverse the various roundabouts that I meet. I reflected on the following points:

Do I proceed with caution or rush straight ahead missing the exit that God has planned for me?

Is the quiet birdsong of the Holy Spirit the guiding light that I follow or have I set my own destination leading me into a deep wilderness of spirit?

On the occasions when I get lost, am I humble enough to ask for directions back to my Fathers’ house or do I continue to ‘go my own way.’


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