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  • Sr Siobhán

Would he listen to their plea

1st week of Advent: Friday

Reading: Matthew 9:27-31

As Jesus went on his way two blind men followed shouting, ‘Take pity on us, Son of David.’ And when Jesus reached the house the blind men came up with him and he said to them, ‘Do you believe I can do this?’ They said, ‘Sir, we do.’ Then he touched their eyes saying, ‘Your faith deserves it, so let it be done for you.’ And their sight returned. Then Jesus sternly warned them, ‘Take care that no one learns about this.’ But when they had gone, they talked about him all over the countryside.


Once again, we have a wonderful example of the person-centred compassion of Jesus and his response to a request made in faith to him. We can only imagine the thoughts that were going through the minds of the blind men as they saw Jesus go by. They had heard that he had a reputation for healing people and restoring them to their communities if they had to live apart because of illness or disease. Nothing seemed too big for him to do, but would he listen to their plea to have their sight restored? They hoped so and mustered up their courage to follow him and plead with him to have their sight restored. Jesus invites a faith filled response from them when he asks, ‘‘Do you believe I can do this?’ There is no shadow of doubt in their response, ‘Sir, we do.’. A gentle touch from the hand of the divine physician answers their heart felt cry. A humble Jesus does not wish his actions to be broadcast; unsurprisingly the miracle cure is discussed far and wide and the name of the most high God is made known.

There is no gift that Jesus wishes to withhold from us if it is in line with his will for us. At this Advent time, we are encouraged to pray for an ever-deepening faith knowing that our spiritual blindness will be healed. Speaking from our own truth we will then be able to share with others all that God in his mercy has done for us.


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